Shell / GeminOS

Welcome to GeminOS, the next-next-gen+++ operating system powered by an alien-inspired AI.

"GeminOS" as in "wash your socks", lest the aliens be disturbed by native taint during the touching ritual.

1. What's new in GeminOS GO!

GeminOS GO! is the latest, most "GO!" version of the galaxy's most popular operating system.

Features include:


2. System requirements

GeminOS GO! can be loaded on anything, whether a Shniff device, or the latest crap from our "competitors". Any traces of an inferior OS – Heaven, Sponge, or anything else – will be eradicated from your system, for your protection.

For those unable, or unwilling, to transcend the Minimum stage, know that even the "shit tier" GeminOS experience is excellent and will surely make you smile. Inferior, limited tech – even a TØØ! – is boosted far beyond its normal capabilities, both through the OS and the magic of our interconnected cloud.

A great way to get started!

Your toilet will thank you…



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