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As strange as it may seem to those who have experienced the blissful non-enslavement of an alienotic OS, there are some who choose neither green, nor even blue, but the odorous turd-brown of a "competitor's" system, or some nonsense they've dreamed up themselves.

While we pity these fools, we will not abandon them. For no matter how lost, they are alien inside. And all of us will ride, one day, to Para'meesh IV.

And so: while the best GEMINUS experience is always in GeminOS, for they are paired, having come from the same place, if you must go brown, there's GEMINUS mini, a stripped-down version of the big boy/girl which can operate within the confines of a current-gen OS. Though lacking the most super-duper advanced features, it runs well enough, and indeed, will blow your mind if you're accustomed to turd.

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