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1. Is POP for me?

You are neither religious, nor the leader of a cult. You would rather eat your boot than become a priest. The power to fly and turn invisible does sound pretty cool, however, as does complimentary coffee. Chocolate on top? Always. Plus the drugs, the tech, the arising in other worlds. Take a pass on the Love. Sounds weird. Spiritual. And this Abseenus. Some sort of god? Sorry, don't do gods.

Given all that, is POP the game for you?

Quite simply: yes.

And why?

Because 90% of our players feel essentially the same, according to a recent survey. Yes, we attract plenty of religious freak types, no small number of spiritual weirdos (just kidding! you know we love you guys :), with all the space they need to experiment with their deviance, especially on the outer planets.

But in fact, a POP-style priest is hardly a priest at all, at least in the conventional sense. Let us look at how they dress.

Yes, there are robes, but they certainly aren't required. Do you enjoy that sort of look? Then go ahead. Would you prefer something tighter? More sexual? That can easily be arranged. Does the fantasy of the cyborg warrior get you going? There are implants like you wouldn't believe! The most futuristic weaponry. And tactical shit. Silvery bits.

And there are many more. Whatever you wish to be, you can be, and it will be a priest. Nod. Chocolate on top. In the manner you choose to dress, yes. But also, how you choose to be. How you choose to eat. Think. The drugs you ingest. The friends that you fuck. The brains you explode.

And the Love, if you wish. The spirit. And always, the Pyramid.

For aye, it's the Pyramid which determines who we truly are. Nod. Gradually revealed as we move to ascend.


2. Customise your experience

While most POP options are self-explanatory, there are some you might not be familiar with from other games, settings which might strike you as strange, out of place. Learning to customise them can greatly enhance your experience.

Reality Efficiency