Shell / POP / Quests

Thanks to the power of our Pyramid Engine tech and its content-generating algorithms, POP offers an effectively infinite number of quests, providing endless hours of gameplay and a truly immersive experience.

Josef and the narrative team are still around, however, planting Pyramid seeds, or stumbling around in a daze, high on the latest whatever, mumbling about the back-in-the-day, how much better it was back then, with handcrafted quests and limited AI, "quirky" graphics and a community vibe, conveniently forgetting the exodus events as players ran out of things to do, not to mention the at-times offensive biases of developers with too much control (for which we were rightly, and considerably, fined).

For aye, we almost went under (for a second time), then the Engine arrived to save the day, converting those seeds into a vast new reality that a billion across the globe now call home.

We're honest about all this because we love you (and Legal said so). As High Priest Vek'shar might say: "Bring me 10 odorok berries. And why? Because the Engine said so."

Still, there's something to be said for the personal touch, for the classics which powered the early years of the First Rising, inappropriate as they sometimes were, and which we preserve in the Museum of Shame. We highlight some here. They – and many more – can be found in-game by checking the "Er… sure, show me how things used to be for a bit, this should be amusing!" box in Settings under the Reality Efficiency slider.

1. Create C

Where it all begins, and ends, according to alien legend.

% explore create c


2. Dreams of Abseenus

Some say the whole point of the Abseenus Information Centre isn't touring historical displays; isn't smiling at the children experiencing the interdimensional bouncer plate for the first time; isn't the gift shop, with the ever-popular Abseenus = Huh? T-shirt; but is the depth of the brew in the Abseenus Café, black as Abseenus, white-as-Abseenus whipped cream = lick.

% explore dreams