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1. Introduction

This manual is intended for ambitious explorers who wish to advance to the higher familiarities of the ORB multidimensional language. A tetrahedral base is highly recommended before entering this work. Please visit the ORB Command Centre to learn more.


2. buttered_toast

buttered_toast; was originally an AAHHH! HELLLP!! GET IT OFF ME!!! AAHHH!!! bug in Shniff's VisionBand (né Mind Machine (Anyone for Tennis?), én JACK) cerebral implant firmware, introduced through the psychospiritual anguish resulting from the slapping of smoked fish with floppy, butter-drenched toast by the young Soran Shniff at the polite request / violent inner command of his parents, Brierhart and Bersephone. While the bug had flopped into non-existence by JACK v3, buttered_toast lives on, in a far less awful form, as a powerful communication unit within ORB.



As: the implant tech progressed from neuron-enhanced-racket-sport-approved headband to actual in-the-brain device, the bug began to manifest as less AAHHH! HELLLP!!, and more a repetitive wordjoinissue wordjoinissue in the implantee's speech, a result of the brain's failed efforts to debutter the toast through underscoric separation + a sprinkling of desemicolonic. Awkward and frustrating for all involved, and a bad look for the implant's otherwise +++ intelligence-boosting circuitry.

"There was a time I tried to hide buttered_toast, at least from our customers – safely, mind – by reimagining it as a feature, not a bug, in the VisionBand: the Buttered Toast Turbo Boost," Soran Shniff mused during another horrifically painful wave-absorption session, unlocking ever deeper secrets of the dark, metallic Orb. Protected, to an extent, yes, by a spiritual shield, of his prior life's design. But still, it was hellish in the extreme.


And yet… profoundly beautiful, also. This pain is no pain at all, I know. It is a gift. These aliens mean to teach us, not harm. Did Brierhart and Bersephone intend the same with their violent inner commands?


3. orbgen